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News from Turkey

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    " 17 December 2012 Turkish flight company Pegasus Airlines starts regular flights from Istanbul to Gazipasa airport in Alanya. Flights to Gazipasa will take off in Sabina Gokcen airport (SAW) in Istanbul 4 times a week.....

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    " 5 locations in Alanya were officially confirmed as golf centres. They are Mahmutlar, Kargicak, Emisbeleni, Turkler and Okurcalar.  </div....

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    Free Shuttle Bus Airport. Alanya and return
    " FOR ALL TRAVELLERS CONNECTING AT ISTANBUL ATATURK AIRPORT WITH ATLAS JET Free private airport shuttles only for Atlasjet passengers. Atlasjet; Turkey’s trend leader airline for fli....

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    " The runway in Gazipasa Airport, located in eastern Antalya, will be expanded and the area surrounding the runway will soon be nationalised, a local government official has said. This will create a pro....

F.A.Q. - Buying Property in Turkey

How long does it all take?

It takes approximately 3 - 4 months to receive the final title deed - Tapu. First the documents go to a regional Tapu office (Land registry), then to a Military Head office in Izmir to check that the property isn’t in a Military Zone (this is just a formality). When everything is approved, it takes just one day to complete. After all necessary fees and taxes are paid you just go to the Tapu office with a translator to sign the documents.

Are there any extra costs or fees that I should be aware of?

There are extra costs involved which should not exceed 2 000 euro. This covers: the purchase tax, passport translation required for purchase, property location checks at the local government office, power of attorney documentation required if you wish to appoint a person in Turkey to deal with the purchase on your behalf, a verbal translation of the power of attorney documentation, fees for the paperwork involved with the mandatory security checks.


Do I have to pay all at once?

Generally the buyer is asked to pay a deposit of app. 2000 euro on signing the purchase and sales contract, with the outstanding balance payable by the agreed dates as detailed in the contract. We are happy to help you discuss and agree a payment plan with you when drawing up the contract.


How are the payments made?

Payments are required through bank transfer in Euro or in cash. The deposit on signing contract must be paid in cash.


Can I change anything I don't like during construction?

Yes, within reason. As long as the changes don't stray too far from the original plans and conform to local planning rules then we will do our best to meet your requirements. There may be extra costs involved depending on the changes required.

Can I arrange finance in Turkey?

Recently Turkish banks have started to arrange mortgage for foreigners. The loan can be maximum 70% of the appraisal value (not always equal to sales price). There is no minimum or maximum amount. Maturity: 5, 10, 15 and 20 years. The loans can be given in euro, USD, British pounds or Turkish liras. Age of application 25-70 years. Expenses for arranging the mortgage will be 1.5% from the loan. Click here to see more details.
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What are the local taxes/rates?

There is an annual property tax in Turkey. The Antalya area has one of the lowest tax rates - 0.3% for land and 0.1% for homes. This tax is payable to the municipality (i.e. local government). For more details see Legal Info and Taxes.
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How much are utilities in Turkey?

In Turkey you pay for what you use. Utilities in this area of Turkey are not expensive: electricity- around 0.17 euro per kwt, water - around 0.7 euro per m3 including the taxes. If your property is located in the complex you also need to pay a monthly maintenance fee for cleaning the pool, gardening, service of doorkeeper etc. The average monthly fee is between 30 and 50 euro, but can be less or more depending on facilities variety and the number of apartments in the complex.


Do I need to register the fact that I have bought the property in my country?

Neither tax office nor Land registry will inform any institution in your home country, so it is up to you to decide whether you want to register this fact or not.


Can I will my property to my beneficiaries?

You can will your property to your beneficiaries. The will must be made in Turkey and certified by the Turkish notary public.


Will I need planning permission to make any modifications to my property?

Permission from the local municipality is required if you perform a major modification of the floor plan. For some small changes permission is not required.


What sort of prices can properties be let for?

We will be glad to advise you the rental you can get if you contact us with the full description of your property in Turkey.


Is it easy to transfer the proceeds out of Turkey if I sell my property?

Yes. Any acquired property may be resold and the proceeds transferred out of Turkey. There is complete freedom of international capital transfers.


Does owning a property in Turkey entitle a person to residency?

Yes. If you own a property in Turkey you can apply for a residence permit. In 5 years of residency on the basis of a residence permit you can apply for citizenship.


Do I need medical insurance in Turkey?

Although it is not compulsory to have medical insurance in Turkey we strongly advise you to have full travel insurance, as private medical treatment can be expensive in Turkey.


How do I import a vehicle/car into Turkey?

If you are visiting Turkey with your vehicle, you should have full documents and insurance for your vehicle. Details of your car will be registered in your passport on your arrival at the border. A foreign plated vehicle is permitted to remain in Turkey for a maximum of six months in any 12 month period.



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