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    " 17 December 2012 Turkish flight company Pegasus Airlines starts regular flights from Istanbul to Gazipasa airport in Alanya. Flights to Gazipasa will take off in Sabina Gokcen airport (SAW) in Istanbul 4 times a week.....

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    " 5 locations in Alanya were officially confirmed as golf centres. They are Mahmutlar, Kargicak, Emisbeleni, Turkler and Okurcalar.  </div....

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    Free Shuttle Bus Airport. Alanya and return
    " FOR ALL TRAVELLERS CONNECTING AT ISTANBUL ATATURK AIRPORT WITH ATLAS JET Free private airport shuttles only for Atlasjet passengers. Atlasjet; Turkey’s trend leader airline for fli....

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    " The runway in Gazipasa Airport, located in eastern Antalya, will be expanded and the area surrounding the runway will soon be nationalised, a local government official has said. This will create a pro....


Since 2007 mortgage for foreign nationalities is available in Turkey.
Coastline Keys has been one of the first to offer mortgage in Turkey to our clients.

Banks offer different conditions for loans in Turkey. Below you can see detailed information about loans for foreigners in Denizbank as an example.

Issue Feature
Loan to value Maximum 70% of the appraisal value (not always equal to the sales price)
Debt to income Maximum net salary to spend to installment for total loan position 50%
Valuation of income Only salary income transferred to a bank account, average profit of the last 2 years, pension income
Maximum amount No maximum
Minimum amount 25000
Maturity 10 years
Available currency Turkish Lira, Euro, USD, GBP
Interest types Fixed
Early repayment Possible (2% penalty fee)
Property valuation Done by DenizBank or appointed appraisal by Denizbank, pre-valuation paid by DenizBank
Age of application 25 -70 years
Maximum age at end of maturity 70 years
DASK: nature disaster insurance, House insurance; To arrange via DenizBank,
Life insurance No obligation
Off plan mortgage Yes, with full bank guarantee from constructor for the total loan amount
Monthly installment payments Automatic payment from a DenizBank account
Validity of the pre offer 4 months
Extension of validity of the pre offer (except interest rate) Until 18 months (1% extra commission required)


Months 12 24 36 48 60 72 84 96 108 120 180
EUR 0,40% 0,40% 0,44% 0,44% 0,48% 0,48% 0,50% 0,55% 0,55% 0,55% 0,63%
USD 0,39% 0,39% 0,41% 0,41% 0,46% 0,46% 0,48% 0,54% 0,54% 0,54% 0,63%
GBP 0,44% 0,44% 0,49% 0,49% 0,53% 0,55% 0,55% 0,60% 0,60% 0,60% 0,65%
TL 0,81% 0,81% 0,84% 0,84% 0,84% 0,88% 0,88% 0,90% 0,90% 0,90% 1,05%


Issue Employed Self employed Retired
Official tax statement of the most recent year in the home country
(for example P60)
The official document that shows the applicant’s credit history/records in the country where the applicant currently resides.
Copy of the Tapu of the object that will be bought
(“Kat mulkiyet tapusu” or “Kat irtifak tapusu + yapi kullanim izin belgesi”)
Copies of passports made and signed by the branch or notary
Income statement of employers signed by the employer  
Official document/declaration from a public notary /cadastre that the
person who signed the income statement is allowed to sign
Bank statements declaring the income (not older than 3 months)  
Annual report of the holding company for the last two years together
with a copy from the shareholder register
Documents proving monthly financial obligations
(rent, house loan installments, alimentation)
Overview of private assets proven by official statements
Overview of private debts proven by official statements
Signed application form
Official translation of all documents (other than Turkish or English) into Turkish is required (the branch is happy to asist on this)
Tax number obtained in Turkey is required.
In case the applicant has the residence permits of several countries, the official credit record documents to be arranged by each country’s relevant authorities must be submitted to Denizbank. The documents must be notarized and apostilled.

Joint Applications:

1 - If more than one person is represented on the title deed (tapu), for each of the person a sepereta application form must be filled
2 – If only one name is / will be written on the title deed (tapu) only one application form is required. In that case a partner can become guarantor of the loan in order to meet with the debt to income requirements.


At Coastline Keys we will help you prepare all requested documents and deliver them to the bank for further examination.

The bank will send a appraiser to you house to value your property
Maximum 5 working days later the branch will inform you about their offer.
You will be handed out the pre term sheet that you can use as the bank’s written promise to you
After presenting the pre term sheet to you, you are asked to sign the pre term sheet and pay the commitment fee of 1.5% of the loan value.

After signing a period of maximum four months starts to arrange:

  • DASK: (nature disaster insurance)

  • House insurance; İskan Ruhsati (house permission)

  • Approval of the ministry of Defense (Savunma Bakanliği)

  • Tax number and opening a demand deposit account

After permition to deliver the title deed is ready and all other documents mentioned above are collected the bank will give its final approval, will make an appointment to pay out the loan and put the mortgage on the title deed at the Tapu office.



Here you can find other detailed information on the following subjests:


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